Cheers to 2014

A huge thank you to all of our clients and vendors we worked with this year. We are so grateful to have been able to document so many special moments this year. We’re looking forward to 2015, but feeling very blessed by the people and the events that 2014 has brought us. Thank you for trusting us to document your special moments.


Claudia Kay

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Wedding Wednesday: Thank You Cards

Since we have moved into November, I thought it was a good time to share about  thank you cards! November is such a good time to reflect on the things and the people in our life that we are grateful for. Weddings aren’t the only time to send out thank you cards. It’s also fun to write or receive a letter just because.

Writing thank you notes for your wedding can seem a bit overwhelming. You’re exhausted and most likely over all the wedding craziness. Make sure you make a list of your gifts and who they came from. Make sure you add a checkbox next to their names,  so you know who you have already sent a thank you to. Your friends and family put a lot of time and thought into getting you your gifts and they like to know that you received it. Send them a thank you that you love and will be excited for them to receive.

Here are a few of my favorite places to order your thank you cards from.

1. ) Rifle Paper 

2.) Wedding Paper Divas

3.) Claudia Kay Photo! These are our new cards that our couples can order from us, using their images  with a beautiful gold foil “THANK YOU.”

4.) Sugar Paper

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Wedding Wednesday: Fall Flowers


Craspedia: You might know these as “Billy Buttons” or “Billy Balls.” Craspedia are always in season. They’re a fun, affordable flower that adds such a fun pop of mustard yellow to your bouquet.

Yarrow: Yarrow is actually more of an herb, and it blooms from June – September. In the middle ages, it was used to flavor your beer, prior to the use of hops. The flowers and leaves are used in making some liquors and bitters.

Dahlia: There are several different types of Dahlias. Dahlias bloom from July to early October. The dahlia that I use is a burgundy dahlia, which is such a perfect fall color. You can find dahlias in a variety of colors.

Choosing flowers that are in season, will really help you save money on your flower budget for your wedding!



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Wedding Wednesday : Groomsmen Gift Guide

We can’t forget about the guys! Guys can be a little tricky to buy for…I tried to pick gifts that would be fun for them, but also encourage them to do remember to do things, like shave and remember their socks on your wedding day!

1.) This is Mark’s favorite Bourbon. It’s fun to get each guy a little taste of your favorite bourbon. To go the extra mile and make them feel extra special, you can find these labels on etsy that you can personalize with their names and your wedding date! This label is made to match the Woodford Reserve label.

2.)Mark LOVES these notebooks. He loves most notebooks, but these are his favorite. Every guy can use a handy notebook. They can even use it to write down their speech for your wedding, or more importantly… THE TIME AND PLACE FOR THIER PHOTOS on your wedding day.;)

3.)Flasks are a popular gift for groomsmen for a reason. I’ve never been to a wedding where this gift has gone unused. I think these flasks are really fun and they make you feel like you should be outside drinking by a fire in front of a barn. Great flask for a barn wedding.

4.) This gift is a great way to politely ask your groomsmen to clean it up on your wedding day.;)It’s a fun gift that they probably wouldn’t necessarily buy themselves, but every guy could use it! You can find this set at Wheat & Co in East Nashville.

5.) Socks are a great gift that can make for some fun photos. If you give them to them on the wedding day, it will also ensure that all your groomsmen are actually wearing socks! Everybody wins here.


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