Wedding Wednesday : Groomsmen Gift Guide

We can’t forget about the guys! Guys can be a little tricky to buy for…I tried to pick gifts that would be fun for them, but also encourage them to do remember to do things, like shave and remember their socks on your wedding day!

1.) This is Mark’s favorite Bourbon. It’s fun to get each guy a little taste of your favorite bourbon. To go the extra mile and make them feel extra special, you can find these labels on etsy that you can personalize with their names and your wedding date! This label is made to match the Woodford Reserve label.

2.)Mark LOVES these notebooks. He loves most notebooks, but these are his favorite. Every guy can use a handy notebook. They can even use it to write down their speech for your wedding, or more importantly… THE TIME AND PLACE FOR THIER PHOTOS on your wedding day.;)

3.)Flasks are a popular gift for groomsmen for a reason. I’ve never been to a wedding where this gift has gone unused. I think these flasks are really fun and they make you feel like you should be outside drinking by a fire in front of a barn. Great flask for a barn wedding.

4.) This gift is a great way to politely ask your groomsmen to clean it up on your wedding day.;)It’s a fun gift that they probably wouldn’t necessarily buy themselves, but every guy could use it! You can find this set at Wheat & Co in East Nashville.

5.) Socks are a great gift that can make for some fun photos. If you give them to them on the wedding day, it will also ensure that all your groomsmen are actually wearing socks! Everybody wins here.


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Wedding Wednesday: My Bridesmaid Gift Guide

Finding gifts for your bridesmaids can be a little overwhelming and stressful! I know that it was for me. I think I got really overwhelmed and ended up giving them gift cards. Oops. To try to help you out, I’ve created a little list of things that would be on my list now!

1.) Makeup is such a fun gift to get and any of the Naked eye palettes from Urban Decay would make a great gift! They can even use it on the wedding day.

2.) You’re going to need to make sure that you AND your bridesmaids get a good night of rest the night before your wedding! This sleep mask might even trick them into going to bed earlier. Maybe?

3.) I have one of these and I LOVE it. This would be a fun gift for all the girls to use during your wedding week! Maybe they’ll even let you keep the photos they take.

4.) Scents can be a powerful memory trigger. If you get your girls some new scents that they’ve never tried, it will help them to remember your wedding every time they put on this perfume!

5.) I LOVE the Giving Keys. It not only supports a great cause, but they’re really cute too. You can personalize each key for you girls to make it a little extra special.

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Wedding Wednesdays: The First Look

One of the most special moments for a couple on their wedding day is seeing each other all dressed up for the first time. The “First Look” is a non-traditional way for the bride and groom to see each other before the ceremony that is becoming more and more common. The traditional way is to see each other for the first time when the bride is walking down the aisle.

As a photographer and a bride, I am a huge fan of the “First Look.” Anytime I have a bride and groom that are unsure of what to do, I try to educate them as much as I can on the benefits of a “First Look.” While I completely understand and respect brides that want to remain traditional and are set on seeing their groom for the first time as they walk down the aisle, there’s something really special about seeing each other before the ceremony as well. When you choose to see each other before the ceremony there are a lot of benefits that go along with it.

Here are some of the PROS:

1.) A “First Look” gives you more time for photos and more time to spend at your wedding celebrating with your friends and family.

2.) It creates a very intimate and special moment that the two of you can spend alone (which will most likely be your only alone time on your wedding day.)

3.) A “First Look” allows you to express your emotions and generally gives amazing reactions because you don’t have to worry about hundreds of people looking at you.

4.) Seeing each other ahead of time generally tends to ease the nerves and allow for you to relax and enjoy your special day.

I know that a “First Look” isn’t for everyone and I completely respect that. Remaining traditional  and seeing each other for the first time as you walk down the aisle is  sweet and romantic in it’s own way. Whether you decide on a “First Look” or not, seeing each other for your first time on your wedding day is one of the most special moments you’ll have and constantly reminds me why I love photographing weddings.

Here are a few examples of couples that chose to do a “First Look.”

Juliet & Mike

Brooke & Lucas

Katie & Matt

Tessa & JD

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